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Have an Idea?

Let's make it come to life.

Connect with a motivated group of product developers and engineers.

Transform your idea into a minimum viable product (MVP) ready to impress the world.

How We'll Work With You

Scope your Idea

Clarify your Needs

Assemble your Team

Build your Product

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Flush it out.

Our job is to work through your idea and figure out what is feasible and practical. We'll set tangible goals and define specific features and functions that will need to be achieved to produce a high quality product. First, our partners work with you to distill the project into something we are excited about building together. We then determine core components to draw up the MVP, defining the scope of the project and setting realistic expectations for what will be completed by the end of August.

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Seal the deal.

Our partnership team will work with you to create a framework and establish a plan for taking on a team of interns. Though we cannot promise compensation to our interns and projects vary, the intention is to encourage a merit-based system in which we can reward everyone fairly, whether they are in charge of ideas, implementation, or infrastructure. This depends on the role each team member takes, as well as their overall contribution to bringing the product to market.

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Build your team.

After partnering with us, we will work together to build a suitable group of engineers for the task you're looking to accomplish. We've already established a network of capable students, ready to explore new ideas using their interests and skills. Team chemistry, interests and relevant experience will all be factored into project selection for the interns. Once a squad is formed, we will hold a kick-off meeting to set everything in motion. Then it's off to the races!

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Execute the project.

Depending on how we have agreed to structure our partnership, your involvement in the execution stage will vary. That being said, all partners will have some amount of responsibility as our awesome interns turn idea into reality. We have created a development schedule that integrates partner "check-ins", so everyone can stay on the same page, even if you are not directly managing the engineers. By the end of the project period, you will have worked with the interns to grow your product.

Suggested Project Timeline

Week 0

Initial Contact

Week 1

Scope & Partner

Week 2

Assemble & Kickoff

Week 5

First Partner Check-In

Week 8

Second Partner Check-In

Week 11

Final Partner Check-In

Week 12

Launch Party!